Movement is life

At Motion Tulsa, kids move while gaining confidence, strength, and character skills they'll use for the rest of their lives. 

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Kids Parkour

Climbing walls, vaulting obstacles and meeting new friends are just the beginning in Motion Tulsa's Parkour program. Watch your child's confidence and self esteem soar in this ultra unique, super fun class

Teen Parkour

Parkour is the perfect activity for teenagers! It gives them an outlet for their unique energy through engagement and gross motor skill activity, but at Motion Tulsa, they'll do it in a structured class designed and taught just for them. 

Adult Parkour

Parkour isn't just about young people doing backflips and jumping off of things. It's also about adults challenging themselves, joining a community, and overcoming life's obstacles - all while building real life useable strength and increasing quality of life with increased flexibility and agility.

Summer Camp

Motion Tulsa's unique, full day Summer Camps are the perfect solution whether you need an entire Summer of Care or just a few weeks of fun. Easily Tulsa's favorite full service Summer Camp!

After School

Your child's After School hours matter, but if you're a working parents, options are limited. Motion Tulsa's quality, movement-based After School childcare alternative is exactly what you need

Day Camps

When school is out, parents usually still have to work! On snow days, teacher inservice days, Holiday breaks and more, we're here for you. Our affordable camps feature fun and movement, arts and crafts and more. Plus, early drop off and late pickup is included free.


Parents Love Motion Tulsa Programs

Schedule Focused 

Our programs were created for real family schedules. Summer Camp starts early, After school picks up directly from TPS schools, and Parkour has class times for everyone. 

Community Positive

Our positive atmosphere is contagious, and you'll know without a doubt that your child is in a place where they'll not only pick up good habits, but also make amazing friendships.

Life Skills Oriented

All of our programs are movement-based, and that's important. But what's far more important is that your child will learn character development and life lessons they'll use forever.

Movement Based

Your child will gain flexibility, agility, and strength, even if they aren't athletic! They'll love it, because it's not only super fun, it’s inclusive and accommodating at every step. 



Amazing Facility 

Motion's purpose built facility is a dream come true for Tulsa kids. From professionally built parkour equipment to an unbelievably outfitted Activity Room, it's kid heaven!

Structured Activity

Everything we do is intentionally structured based on our decades of experience. Kids at Motion actually like the structure, because it makes them feel safe and cared for. They can trust deep down that it's never crazy or out of control.

Full Inclusion

We take kids’ emotions seriously. Motion's culture is one of inclusion - no cliques, no "cool kids clubs", no unkind actions or attitudes. Kids love motion because they always feel like they belong!

Awesome Fun!

It's so much fun! At Motion, we know that getting your child out of the house, in the card, and across town to an activity is a big deal. We guaranteed that when they leave, it will have been 100% worth it, every time!

At Motion, our focus is on:


Our goals for our Parkour students are the same as your goals as a parent. Confidence, Self-Esteem, and Healthy Habits for life!


Having a solid foundation of positivity in your child's life is invaluable. You can't control their experiences everywhere, nor would you want to. But at Motion Parkour, you'll know they'll always be good ones.

A Sense of Belonging

At Motion Parkour, it doesn't matter if your child isn't the best kid on the team; they'll never ride the bench. They'll always know they're valued members of class, and part of the team, each and every day.

What do actual Motion Tulsa Parents Say?

We send regular anonymous surveys to our parents in our program. Here's a sample of the real feedback we get regularly:

Anonymous Feedback via internal survey:

Thanks so much for all you guys do, he really loves it there. He has come so far from being the quiet boy in the corner a couple years ago. Thank you!

Anonymous Feedback via internal survey:

"Nathan has been taking Parkour since the beginning of summer and he absolutely loves it. I admit I was a little concerned when I saw the age/ size range in the class, Nathan is 13 and very tall for his age and I was worried that he wouldn't be challenged in a class that also included 7 year olds. My concern was unnecessary, he has had a great time and is getting a great workout every time he comes to class. We are both excited about him continuing Parkour this Fall."

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Motion Tulsa

6513 E. 46th St. Unit C

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Motion Tulsa

6513 E. 46th St.

Tulsa, OK 74145


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